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About Tannisby Camping

Tannisby Camping in Tversted is a small, cozy privately owned family and senior site, where peace and order are paramount. We value our quality, safety and cleaning of both space and facilities very highly.

The campsite is less than 5 minutes' walk from the west coast and probably has one of Denmark's best and the west coast's most child-friendly sandy beaches. The beach is wide with lots of dunes, and of course with a blue swimming flag. You are allowed to drive on the beach all year round, but during the tourist season a large car-free area has been created. You can swim on the entire coast, which stretches uninterrupted from Skagen to Hirtshals, or you can laze in the sunbaths of the dunes.

The dunes offer a rich plant and bird life. If you are into angling, you can fish for sea trout, cod and flatfish directly from the beach. In addition to the fantastic nature, Tversted beach is also known for its ice cream experiences, which in itself are a good big mouthful. Tversted is located on Skagen's headland only 32 km from Skagen city and is surrounded by the beach, the streams and the Tversted Dune Plantation with the Tversted Lakes, one of Jutland's largest forest plantations. The forest is ideal for history and nature experiences.

There are lookout towers and kilometers of paths for strolling, each with its own historical origins, plenty of riding trails in both forest and heath, routes in the forest and the area for the bike ride, and of course several lakes, where ducks and swans can be fed, water lilies can be admired and lots of chanterelles in late summer can be collected. The Nordsøstien and the Vestkyststien both pass through Tversted.

Tannisby Camping is perfectly located as a base for experiences in most of North Jutland. We are surrounded by history and sights, nature experiences and shopping opportunities, as most of the top of Denmark can be reached within half an hour's drive.

Tversted is a small cozy seaside town on the west coast. In the summer, the city offers many opportunities for both dining and shopping.